Purpose, Culture and Values Workshop

Energize your team by unpacking the culture, values and behaviors unique to your practice.


"Purpose Inspires. Values Guide. Behaviors Define."

Our workshop will help you and your team discover what makes your practice unique. Through discussions, hands-on exercises and short lessons, we will work with you to determine your practice's purpose, culture and values so that everyone in the team feels aligned and energized about coming into work each day.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Archibiz mentors will work with each practice individually to create a workshop that is best suited to the needs of the practice. Once we’ve established the goals of each practice and how to get there, we’ll create a custom program for your team. 

Why purpose, culture or values?

Purpose is about why we do what we do.
Values are how we achieve purpose.
Behaviours are what we do every day that reflects our purpose and values.

At Archibiz, we define purpose as your company's 'why' for existing or your
reason for being, above and beyond doing good work and the pursuit of profit.
A clearly articulated purpose has the power to inspire and unite staff and
stakeholders around a common goal.

Once defined, a company's values and behaviors help to determine the culture of your practice. Culture is one of those more ‘hard to define terms’, a little like trying to describe jelly! At Archibiz, we define culture as ‘what is ok and not ok around here’.

When you and your team are aligned on your purpose, culture and values, you will notice that productivity, efficiency and morale improves. You will also notice a more collaborative working environment. Our goal is to empower you and your team to do the best work you possibly can, and enjoy every minute of it.

Ready to improve your practice?

Our Workshops can be arranged in half-days, full days or over multiple dates. If you’d like to set up a workshop for your architecture practice, register your interest below and we will be in touch soon.


Here's what other architects are saying about Archibiz

We strongly recommend Archibiz for any small business trying to gain a better grip on who they are & what they might be able to become.


I wanted to go to work the next day and do all the things that we had talked about the day before.


A key part of good business is culture, and having a happy team helps enable them to deliver good work.


Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this workshop for?

The Purpose, Culture and Values Workshop is best suited for small to mid-sized architecture practices. It is ideal for practice owners who are looking to boost morale, increase transparency and encourage team-building and collaboration in their practice.

What's a workshop look like?

Where possible, our workshops will be held in-person, at your venue of choice. Most often, this will be your studio, where you and your team will feel most comfortable. You can choose from half-day, full-day, or multiple days' workshops. This is entirely your choice. Each workshop will feature different 30-minute to 60-minute sessions, with breaks in between.

Do I have any input on the content that goes into the workshop?

Absolutely. We'll work with studio owners to craft a workshop that is best suited to your practice. You'll be given the opportunity to choose from a range of topics and concepts. Once that's done, we'll curate a special program just for you.

What happens after the workshop?

You'll be given an action plan and guidance for how to implement everything you learned in the workshop so that it stays top-of-mind with participants. Plus, even though the workshop may be over, you'll still be a part of our Archibiz community. That means access to exclusive events, our closed LinkedIn group and other valuable resources.

Meet Your Facilitators

Ray Brown
Co-Founder & Chief Mentor

Ray is a business coach and entrepreneur who has worked in the UK, South Africa and the US. He operated at CEO level for over 25 years before relocating to Australia in 2005.

Ray’s passion is helping business owners to realise their personal potential and that of their organisation.

He has coached more than 60 architectural practices around the world, and is former Chair of the Board of social data firm, Neighbourlytics.

Since June 2019, Ray has been leading our signature DAPS Live Course, along with chairing the boards and providing mentoring services for many of our clients.

Tim Smith
Coach & Mentor

Tim embraces challenge, creativity, and problem solving - it’s what he loves about life and enjoys about the design industry.

As a former General Manager / Business Director of multiple design agencies, he relishes the opportunity to get to the heart of a practice's operation, uncover problems and develop strategies to help solve them. Developing a deep understanding of the business is key to this kind of professional support and to ensuring projects and tactics are implemented and results delivered.

With a background in the creative industries and client services, and over 15 years delivering brand experiences through brand strategy, design, marketing communications and building successful relationships, Tim takes a holistic and strategic view of the business and its operations.

There's a better way to do business.