The Designing Architectural Practice Success [DAPS] program has been designed to give you an understanding of foundational business concepts and how they may be applied to your practice.

Over eight weeks, you’ll learn about key areas of business, including finance, sales and marketing, vision, structure, leadership and management.

The DAPS program uses a unique delivery method. You’ll have the benefit of learning from and with your peers, what has and what hasn’t worked for them.

By the end of the course you will be able to identify the gaps in your knowledge and understanding so that you can plan for those areas of your practice that you’d like to develop. Our aim is to give you the tools you need to start your journey to a more fulfilling, profitable and happier life as an architect.

Program Fees:

AUD$2,100 + GST

Pay upfront for a discount, or alternatively select the payment plan option for 3 easy payments of $833+GST.


What you get

When you sign on for the DAPS Course you'll receive the following:

  • 8 modules delivered over 8 weeks
  • Ongoing access to the course materials
  • Access to coaches to provide feedback to your questions
  • 65 page downloadable Workbook
  • Numerous downloadable templates
  • Certificate of Completion so you may claim professional CPD points
  • Access exclusive Archibiz events and community

What you'll learn

Our course will provide you with a holistic understanding of business. You will no longer have the feeling that you are missing gaps in your education. Instead, you will feel confident leading your practice and well-prepared for conversations with clients, peers and employees. 

Over 8 weeks you’ll learn the key concepts across foundational areas of business, including finance, sales and marketing, vision, structure, leadership and management. Critically you'll learn about them in the context of the economic and health climate we currently find ourselves in.

We should mention that this is not an architect teaching an architect. We believe that, in order for architects to succeed in business, it is crucial to have an unbiased, external figure that can properly teach you all of the concepts that your professors, employers and fellow architects could not.


The journey in transforming your architectural practice starts with assessing where you’re currently at. Learn the mindset shifts that will take you from technician to leader.


Vision guides the destination. Get clear on where to next, for your practice. Includes three vision frameworks to help you design an energising view of the future for you and your team.


An effective structure for your practice will form the foundations of success. Move from 'we' to 'they', learn about 'board thinking' and key strategy areas.


Building efficiency is your best tool for improving your personal productivity, time management and effectiveness. Improve how you delegate and recruit.


Learning to love your clients is key to bridging the gulf of expectations across the life of a project. Get the tools to help you can get the fees you want, from the clients you want.


Marketing is your opportunity to make the change you’d like to see and to serve the people you care about. Learn how to find your clients and map their journey from awareness through to referral.


A base level of financial knowledge will empower you to make pro-active decisions about growth in your practice. Learn budget tracking at both the business & project level and the KPIs to help you sleep at night.


How to make the most of what you’ve learned in this course. Learn how to implement changes in your practice while doing good architectural work. Build your 6 month action plan.

Are you ready to get more certainty of workflow, income & impact in your practice?

See what architects are saying about DAPS:

"I knew we had gaps in our practice, but the course helped me understand what had to happen to fill them."


"I really like the way Ray cuts through all the business waffle and makes complex things, simple & accessible."


"I would undoubtedly recommend the course. It's improved not only my business, but how I personally relate to my business."


Our Guarantee

We believe that if you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we guarantee our results.

We stand behind our course 100% because we know it works when you take action.

The difference between information and real education is partnership. In a true education experience, the teacher and student ‘share’ responsibility for the student’s success. The teacher is invested just as much as the student. With Archibiz you have a committed partner in your course success. 

Your responsibility in the partnership is to bring 100% of your effort and expertise; to participate, read, watch and do the work and to reach out when you need help with the program. 

If you don’t find value in the first 30 days of the program and have brought 100% of your effort and expertise in that time, then we will refund 100% of your money. You just need to let us know within the first 30 days of enrolling in the program.

Watch what Jean Graham of Winter Architecture

said about DAPS:

A Word From our Chief Mentor

“I see such potential in architects and their practices. Too often that potential remains locked up because architects have never been taught the basics of business.

Rectifying that situation is my passion. Seeing our clients with good workflow, decent salaries and money in the company bank account gives me amazing satisfaction.”


Why wait? Enrol in the program now!

We've been successfully coaching architectural practices for the past five years. We know we can help provide you with the transformation you need. Don't wait any longer.